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About The Brewery


Neoteric Brewing Company is solely owned and operated by head-brewer Mike Tessari and his wife Alex from Huntersville, NC.  Mike is a long-time home brewer and beer fan who eventually found himself obsessed with the art of making the craft and sharing his creations with friends and family. Eventually, he found himself tapped out of being able to brew more and have enough tasters. He sees Neoteric Brewing as an extension of his passion, simply providing the place for people to relax and enjoy his good brews with others. Without any outside investors, Alex and Mike took the financial and emotional leap to find that space for his “brew home” and, while the road to get there was rarely easy, it has paid off and his dream is now a reality.  Mike and Alex are hands on and look forward to meeting the community of Huntersville and enjoy a Neoteric beer with ya’ll!

The Back Story

Mike started brewing in 2013 as a hobby to relieve stress after long shifts as Assistant Chief of the former North Mecklenburg Rescue Squad here in Huntersville.  Mike knew he brewed good beer but it wasn’t until he met Alex, a Genetic Counselor at Novant, in 2017 did the dream of owning his own brewery start taking shape. Alex didn’t drink beer, let alone appreciate it, but she soon joined Mike’s passion for craft brew and grew interested in the “science” behind the art of beer.  Weekends, and even vacations were devoted to experiencing the subtle nuances in varieties and atmosphere of breweries. He met brewers and owners that would openly share information and sample his beers. As the knowledge and connections grew, owning a brewery had become a clear, but lofty ambition.


By the end of 2019, they were ready to take the leap. But then COVID hit. At the time, Mike was an Emergency Preparedness Coordinator and his role was non-stop in the distribution of necessary equipment to medical facilities and communities. With the Brewery on hold, Mike took advantage of improving his skills by perfecting recipes, attending virtual brewer’s conferences and obtaining his certification from the World Brewing Academy at the Siebel Institute. 


Mike and Alex finally secured their space in the Market Square shopping center off of Gilead Road. They began the long and arduous process of building a brewery with many delays from architectural planning and mandatory changes, higher building costs and, most frustrating, supply chain delays with the core of his business - the brew tanks. 


With delay after delay, not much seemed to being going right, but Mike rolled with the punches and stayed focussed on the goal. Finally, in the fall of 2022, Neoteric finally arrived and so did Alex and Mike’s newest member of the Neoteric Brewery family, little Finnegan Monroe Tessari! 


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